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You Want a Website but...

So, you want a website for your business/organisation, thats a great start!!

Lets look at the things that are stopping you...

  • Its too complicated to create yourself

  • If you can create one yourself it too time consuming

  • You don't have a logo to put on a site

  • You have no idea what content (information) to put on a site

  • You dont have time to maintain a site

  • Its expensive to have a professional website created

You are my perfecr customer!!

Lets look at the above statments (I've heard them all)

Creating a website is a daunting prospect, especially if you consider yourself a 'Non Techy' sort of person. You're good at what you do, and so you should stick to what you know, simple. Let somone else create your site for you. All you have to do is supply them with some basic ideas... I would suggest you take a look around the web to see what you like and don't like, that's a great starting point, and then get in touch with me so I can take those ideas and start to formulate a site that I'm sure you'll love. You'll have lots of input throughout the build.

If you think you could perhaps get a website together but you just don't have the time, you are a new start up business and all your energy is directed to making that business work. Get in touch with me and I can take that pressure off you're shoulders, I specialise in creating websites for new business start-ups!!

No logo - no problem, we can work together to create you a logo that you can use throughout your business. We'll get some ideas between us, I'll run a few samples past you and together we'll find a design that suits you and your business.

We will discuss the type of content you should put on your site, all we need to do is chat about what you do and who you are, things will drop into place as we move through the process, relax!

Site maintenance is minimal and easy, the admin part of your site is extremely user friendly. We can also discuss a regular update program, I give you a nudge, you tell me what might need tweaking and the site will be updated... simple. To help with site updates I add a blog to the site, don't run away just yet, if you can post on social media then you can post a blog on your site. This is one of the easiest ways to keep your site current. Once you have posted the blog to your site you can then post it straight onto your FB page with a click of a button.

Now we get to the biggie, you can't affort a website! In this case you'll be suprised to hear that my Essentials Website, which is more than enough for new businesses, is just £300. It will be mobile friendly, have a contact form for customers to get in touch, you can have an online chat bot and a newsletter facility and more, all included in the £300. There are other site options if you feel you need a more comprehsive site, or you can start small and build over time.

So, give me a call (07842 278810) and lets get your online presence out there!


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