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Going Carbon Neutral

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I have been wondering lately how much carbon my business uses, my initial thoughts were, well hardly any, its just me and a computer!

Then I decided to investigate a little further and found the following information.

  • The website’s traffic levels The more traffic a website gets the more energy is needed to keep it online and access it.

  • The amount of time readers stay on your site The longer visitors stay on your site the more power their computers use.

  • The types of devices used to access your site (laptops vs PCs, etc.) Larger PCs are more inefficient than laptops, for example.

  • The types of servers your website uses Some servers are more efficient than others, and some companies purchase carbon offsets.

  • The location of your readers Some countries/states now have a percentage of renewable energy in their power supply. Readers in these locations will thus produce less carbon.

All of these things impact the amount of energy that is required to power a website. So my next step was to find an online carbon calculator and you can see the results here.

Therefore to ensure the carbon produced by my website business is more than offset I have decided to make an annual National Trust donation. They will plant 2 trees each year on behalf of Websites by Jane.

Here's this years donation confirmation.

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