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Ways to Increase Traffic - No.2 Get Social!

Driving traffic to your website
Increasing Sales - Websites by Jane

There are a number of ways to increase traffic to a website, over the next few blogs I will discuss some of these strategies.

Producing great content on your site and in blogs is great, but don't just sit back and hope people find it. You really need to be pro-active.

Before I go any further you might be asking, what is great content? Content is an article written for one single topic and designed to promote this topic. You might have many many items or services that you offer, with content writing concentrate on one of these for each piece you write. You should stick to this point and avoid wandering to different topics, of course, it is okay to discuss a little about related things but make sure that you don’t mix different ideas in one content piece. It will break the user’s flow of reading.

Don't just say what you offer but create a more in-depth and focussed piece, research your topic. Your strategy should include topic, idea and view, the view part matters!

Start well with a catchy title, imagine when flicking through FB you see 'Introduction to Content Marketing', then you see '6 Amazing Ways to Create Great Content' both will probably contain the same information but the second one will attract most people than the first would.

Keep you language simple so that your message will be understood by anyone, but let your personality come through. Having said this don't exaggerate, this will have a negative effect once you are seen as not telling it as it is. If you are introducing a new topic, product or service then explain everything, just like you would to a layman, however if you know your audience are knowledgeable on the topic then keep the content more informational.

In the view section discuss the pro's and con's give your honest opinions, this is what will make you different from the others and it's a way to build a following.

One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website, especially when it's new, is to use social media channels to promote your content. Whilst SEO allows you to target people, that know what they are looking for but aren't sure where to find it, content promotion will help you build your brand.

Twitter is a great for short, snappy and tempting links, if you are using images to catch attention then Pinterest and Instragram are great places. IMHO Facebook is one of the best social platforms, its so easy to use and simple for users to share your posts.

Linking back to my previous blog on advertising, consider boosting your FB posts with targeted marketing, its very cost effective and you are able to select your audience and control your spend so the campaign will be focussed and not empty your bank account whilst you aren't looking!

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