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Essential No. 7 Admin Access

Why you should have access to your site - industry leading advice!

As the site owner there is no good reason for you to be denied access to the back-end (behind the scenes administration) of your website.

In a good site set up there will be a number of different roles for the back-end, Websites by Jane offers every client a range of roles that allow you, and other people that you authorise, to access the site administration, these people are called your site Contributors.

As the designer I generally stay as the Official Site Owner, however any client can ask for the site to be completely transferred to themselves and become the Official Site Owner. This transfer is not recommended as the official site owner has the ability to delete the entire site, this action can be taken in error and the site completely lost.

The roles available are explained below.

Main Administrator

This is the level Websites by Jane assigns to the site owner, the person that has commissioned the site. The main administrator can access the sites editing suite to make changes in the text and design and re-publish the site to show such changes.

The main administrator will be given access to the sites Dashboard. From here there is access to any apps on the site, the SEO, customer and subscriber info, the site blog and newsletters and a whole lot more.

Back Office Manager

This level gives permission to someone who helps manage the business, but does not need to edit the website.

The Back Office Manager will be able to view and manage sensitive and business information, access the sites dashboard, manage orders, bookings and price plans and interact with contacts.

Website Manager

We would give this permission to someone helping you with future design/redesign of your site.

This contributor can edit the site but will have limits to what they can access in the sites dashboard, preventing them viewing sensitive and business information. You might want to prevent the Website Manager from publishing the site before you have approved the changes, in this case we would withhold publishing rights,

Blog Editor/Writer

Many organisations use an external blog writer, or guest writers, therefore with this permission there is full access to every feature of the blog, but nothing else on the site.

With the Blog Editor role the contributor can write, publish, edit, delete, manage blog categories, manage post, manage comments and more.

Other Roles

There are also a number of specialist roles that will be appropriate for different sites, such as a telephone order role and a bookings role. These will be discussed with and explained to the site owner where appropriate.

Remember, a cheap website doesn't mean a cheap web design service!

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