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Essential No. 5 Footers

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

What to put in your footer, industry leading advice!

Footers are often ignored in terms of design and content, many people don't realise how important their footer is as part of the overall web design.

There are certain pieces of information your visitors need to find quickly and easily to make your website work for them.

Therefore putting relevant information for your business success in your footer is paramount. Making life easier for your visitors will increase contact and sales.

The majority of footers I see simply offer basic contact details, however this area of your website could offer so much more.

When I discuss my low cost web design services with clients we look at the footer as a way to drive sales and discuss what the user needs to access easily.

If its vital for clients to find your physical premises, I will design a map into the footer. This makes it easier for the user to see where you are, and, as its in the footer there is a reminder of the location on every page.

You might think that it's essential that visitors see your customer testimonials, if so some can be added to the footer. You can fill the footer with links to specific pages, special offers, event calendars or a booking page, whatever will work best to drive traffic to the right place.

Take a look at footers of the of the bigger organisations, Marks and Spencer, IKEA, British Airways, they all have links in their footers to help the user to navigate easily to certain areas of their website, whether that's their services, help topics or legal information, it's all there and easily accessible

When I design your website its bespoke to you, I don't stick to basic layout or format. I find out which pages and what information is most important for your visitors and create a design that drives visitors to the right place on your new affordable, low cost website.

A cheap website doesn't mean a cheap web design service!

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