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Essential No. 4 Newsletters

Stay in touch with newsletters, industry leading advice!

Whilst email marketing is a little outdated it still has value, think how may email newsletters you have received in recent weeks offering information on how organisations are helping you during these unprecedentedly difficult times.

A great number of adults still check their emails throughout the day, which means that you should still use this communication channel..

A connection is what the your customers need to see to keep them interested in your brand. They can still follow you on social media but they are still looking for that personal touch.

When a customer receives a well presented newsletter with good content they stay connected and engaged, its as simple as that.

View your newsletter as a way of providing value to your customers, you retain them because they are loyal and they trust you.

Driving people to your website needs work, your email newsletter can help. You need to include a strong call-to-action, encourage and incentivise them to visit your site, browse your content and make a purchase or get in touch.

When a consumer reads your newsletter you have the opportunity to offer a product or service, explain the benefits and make a connection with that viewer. Many people have an impulsive nature, so by proving an incentive such as a special promotion or coupon, you can get your reader to take action.

Email newsletters can allow you to grow your social media community. Those that contain social sharing buttons have a much higher click-through rate when compared to those that don't.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are essential to your marketing strategy and business growth, but growing your online community can take time and a lot of work.

Email newsletters give you the opportunity to engage viewers with your social media channels, allowing you to generate more activity.

Many people view sending out newsletters as a chore, which is also one of the most significant barriers to doing it. There's no need to make your email newsletter in-depth but choose one goal to built it efficiently and remain on schedule. Also, single-topic newsletters are natural for consumer to keep up with and digest.

Many organisations that use emails to see an increase in business following a newsletter campaign!

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