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Essential No. 12 Google Analytics

Analysing traffic on your website
Google Analytics with Websites by Jane

Analysing from where and when visitors arrive on your site can give you valuable information.

If you have details about your visitors you can plan informed marketing strategies.

I will add the Google Analytics code to your new site from Websites by Jane and set up access for you to see that very important data. You do not have to do anything to get the data, Google Analytics does all that for you, all you have to do is read and act!

Google will have set up a number of reports for you to use, these are sufficient for most website owners, however you can customise the reports should you so wish.

One of the most valuable reports is the 'bounce rate', this is the number of visitors that arrive on your site and leave after visiting just one page. It is important to reduce this figure as much as possible.

A high bounce rate means that people are getting to your site but not finding what they are looking for. This may mean that the landing page (usually the home page) is not encouraging them to learn more about your business, something that should be addressed asap.

With Google Analytics you can uncover valuable data about your visitors, such as age, gender, interests, device used and location. This information will allow you to target your content to the visitors you are attracting. Good content is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and his is the reason why so many businesses create blogs, info graphics and slide shares that can add value to your customers.

You can also see how the visitor found you, if it was Facebook, Twitter, a Google search or by typing in your web address. With this type of data you can use your budget to its best advantage, for example if you are seeing a lot of visitors arriving via Facebook, then that's a good place to do some advertising with special offers for Facebook users.

Google Analytics also allows you to set and track goals for your business.

Don't run for the hills, its not that complicated, honestly. You don;t have to get into analytics straight away, take it slow and ease yourself into this tool. Once you've had a look around you will see how it can work for you.

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