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6 Great Blog Headline Writing Tips

Driving traffic to your website
6 Great Blog Headline Writing Tips - Websites by Jane

No.1 - Numbers Digits & Lists

Readers love lists, so starting your blog with a number will help the blog stand out and draw readers in.

Just as the human eye is drawn to contrasting colours it's also drawn to the juxtaposition of digits sitting next to text.

A list also gives the reader an idea of what to expect, look at the headline for this article, you know you are going to get a list of 6 tips to help you write a great headline for your blogs.

To catch a readers eye use numbers along with these suggestions...

  • Reasons

  • Ways

  • Tips

  • Tricks

  • Secrets

  • Ideas

  • Techniques

  • Strategies

  • Facts

  • Methods

  • Statistics

No. 2 - Define what the article is about

Make sure the headline defines what the article is about. Whilst there is a lot to be said for mystery and intrigue for getting attention, you can't leave your readers hanging not knowing what to expect for you post.

Your headline needs to clearly tell your readers what the post is about, look at the difference below.

Bad Headline: Write a song

Good Headline: How to compose your own song; 10 tips for success

No. 3 - Demonstrate your value

Explain, in your headline, why your article is valuable and worth reading.

For example 'Create Eye-catching infographics in Minutes' This promises a fast, and therefore probably also easy, way to create high-quality infographics. Sounds like it's worth reading more about!

Promising a desired result (eye-catching infographics) within a set time period (minutes) as a classic winning headline writing strategy.

They key is to prove that you are useful and that you are providing essential info!

6 Great Blog Headline Writing Tips - Websites by Jane
6 Great Blog Headline Writing Tips - Websites by Jane

No. 4 - Educate the masses

People often search online to educate themselves or learn more about a particular concept. They want to learn how to build a wall, cook the perfect loaf or make a movie, and anything else you can think of.

Many successful headlines use the 'How to...' with some added explanation, but if you use this all the time it will get boring really quickly so try and create ways to present 'How to... educational material.

  • 3 Best Methods for Peeling a Mango

  • 6 Strategies for Deterring Burglars

  • Build Your Own Firepit: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Teaching Your Dog to Fetch: Canine Training Step 1

Hot headline writing keywords like “Complete/Beginners Guide” are great to include in educational posts. Using words like these reassures readers that your article will be in layman terms that they can understand, marketed towards beginners.  

No. 5 - Use keywords

Be sure to use topic keywords in your headline – it will help your blog post rank better on Google, as well as make it clear to readers what you’ll be discussing in your post.

No. 6 - Use images to compliment headlines

Headlines are a big deal, and in many cases on the web, they are the one and only way to introduce your article to the world. However, many social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, make it easy to add images alongside your link headlines.

This is great news because images are insanely powerful and can do a lot to boost the success of your headline.

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