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10 things to consider during lockdown

10 things to consider
Working from Home - Websites by Jane

Another lockdown is upon us and our lives have changed once again.

When it comes to a recession, or indeed any situation that poses a serious threat to the longevity of your business, the marketing budget is the first pot to get raided.

Fortunately, if you have a website that has been professionally designed and built by Websites by Jane, or any other web designer then there are a number of things you can do to help your business stay afloat and be ready for when you are able to resume business at full speed.

Below are 10 examples...

1. Add a Covid banner.

Many businesses will not have added a banner to their site to let visitors know of any impact Covid has had on their business and any changes that have been made to their operations.

By impact I mean are you having to work from home, office hours may not be the normal 9-5 and you may not be available on the usual office lines.

2. Update your contact details

Whilst working from home the telephone numbers on your site may not be the best numbers to contact you on, and/or your operating hours may have changed.

So, get onto your contact page and make sure people have the most up to date info so they can get hold of you.

A small job but easily overlooked!

3. Add a new blog post

Just because you are in lockdown doesn't mean you stop posting blogs, in fact its just the opposite, its vital that you continue to communicate with your current and potential customers.

Write a post about how you’ve overcome some of the challenges that covid-19 has brought to your door, or even demonstrating your authority within your chosen industry.

Adding a blog post will give your website some fresh content to share on social media and will even help, slightly, with getting higher on Google.

If you are short on ideas of what to blog about download my 99 Blog Post Ideas.

99 Blog Post Ideas
Download PDF • 100KB

4. Check your site for errors

Although we/you have taken every care to ensure there are no typos on your site there can still be the odd one lurking there.

Spelling Errors and punctuation can sometimes make a huge difference between a sale and a prospect walking away.

So now you’re in lock-down, now is a perfect time to go through your website and start checking each of the pages for spelling and punctuation problems and rectifying them.

5. Improve the images or add/change a few

A picture says a thousand words.

So if your website is looking a little sparse with very few pictures, now is the time to go through your website articles and start adding a few.

Images break up your text, and also give you an opportunity to improve your position on Google.

A great place to get some free images is

6. Design a new page

If the budget allows, get that new page added to your website, you know the page that has been sat on your to do list for the better part of 3 months.

Get in touch with me and have that page specifically designed for your website and added accordingly.

Once designed you then have another piece of content you can share on social media and with the wider world.

7. Start a link building campaign

Link Building is an important part of SEO.

Now by link building we don’t mean submitting your website to thousands of directories, that just isn’t going to get you anywhere.

We’re talking about targeted websites that you want to get a link from.

You could achieve this through a variety of means including asking other website owners for one, writing an article for their website or even just by writing a really good piece of content on your own website.

How you achieve more links to your website is down to you, and since you’re on lock down there has never been a better time to start a link building campaign.

8. Get yourself a privacy policy

I hope that all of my readers have their very own Privacy Policy on their website.

If you’re someone who doesn’t, now is the time to get it sorted.

Websites by Jane provide a standard privacy policy with every new website, if you would like this service for your existing site please get in touch.

9. Add that website feature

Similar to design that page, you’ve probably had a website feature on your list of things to do for a while, but haven’t got round to sorting it. Now is the time.

Whether its a new piece of functionality that changes the colour of your website, a subscription form, or a fully fledged PayPal integration. Getting those features added to your website now, will bring dividends once lock-down is lifted.

10, Set up an email capture form

When was the last time you contacted all of your customers, both new, current and old?

Have you thought about reaching out to them?

Now is a good time to do just that, send them an informative email/newsletter, telling them all about you, how your business is doing and also how you can help them with the current covid-19 crisis.

Adding an e-mail subscription service to your website is a great way to start building a list of e-mail marketing contacts that you can market your services or products to.

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