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 Benefits of Professional Mailboxes

A professional mailbox is a domain name email, such as rather than a gmail, hotmail, yahoo email accounts and the like.

You can of course run your business and your website with a gmail etc account, but how does that look?

The are the reasons you should use the professional emails included with all affordable, low cost websites.


Does it seem more professional when you receive an email from or from Using a free mail account will not provide the same level of professionalism as a business domain email will.

It's very similar to the difference between writing down your name and telephone number on a piece of paper for a client or handing them a professional business card.  An email address with your company name will instil confidence in you and your company.


Sending email from a business email address with your company domain name is great for branding.


Instead of people receiving a generic free email, which creates branding for Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc, you will be creating branding for your own company.

Every single time you send an email, you will be putting your new affordable, low cost website out there. This gives the receiver an easy way to know where to find more information about you and your business.  This in turn leads to increased online presence. A domain name email will go a very long way to building your business.


Most of your competitors won't be using a free email account, but some will.

When you use your own business domain name as your email address, you will separate yourself from the competition. Nobody can match your domain name and anybody using a free account is now a step behind you.


Those using free email accounts will come off as not as serious about business, at all. When you choose a business domain name email your customers, clients, associates and potential customers will see you as a credible business.


You cannot afford to be hacked or have your email account suspended for no good reason.

Many free email providers have been hacked over the years and sometimes they shut down accounts for no good reason. You cannot afford either of these things to happen.

With a business domain name used for email, you won't have to worry. I will provide everything you need to ensure your domain name email is secure.

You won't have to worry about losing your email account when you are waiting to hear from clients.


When you have a domain name email address, you're creating a private business environment


You are no longer on some big organisations server such as Google or Yahoo. Instead you're on hosting of your own and therefore have a better protected environment.


For all these reason I include at least 2 domain name email addresses with your new affordable, low cost website design package, and even more with the higher level packages.

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