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Essential No 9 Emails

Free v Business email accounts - industry leading advice!

Your email address is an important element of your image. Therefore your business will be viewed differently if you use or a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc account.

Of course its very easy to set up and use

an email account with one of the free email providers but how does that look?

If you were lucky enough to be in a position to buy a new Ferrari, would the email address instil confidence? No, it just wouldn't!

This is the same for any business, if you want your clients and potential clients to take you seriously and have confidence in buying from you then you need to give them that confidence by presenting your business with a professional image.

Below are 5 good reasons to use a business address, rather than a free account.

1. Professionalism

We have covered this off above, its OK to have a free account for personal emails but when you are asking people to hand over their hard earned cash then you need to look more professional. For this reason all sites from Websites by Jane come with at least 2 professional email accounts, and even more with the higher level packages.

2. Better Branding

Sending an email from a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail account creates branding for them, whilst you lose out!

Every time you send out an email you are putting your name out there, giving the recipient information on how to find out more about your business. This in turn will create a better online presence and help build your brand and your business.

Just think about people that have made an enquiry to your business, and some others, they then want to pursue their enquiry with you, or make another purchase. These people may search for your previous emails to pick up the thread again, if that email address was they probably wont remember it, resulting potential lost business.

3. Separates You from the Competition

You may find that some, or even most of your competitors are using a free account, which means that by using a business domain name email you are putting yourself above the crowd and all others are at least one step behind.

Those using the free accounts will be seen as not that serious about their business or even a little dodgy, whilst you will be seen as credible, serious about your business and professional.

4. Online Security

With a professional account you are less likely to have your account hacked or suspended by a greater authority. Free accounts are known to get hacked and closed down, you can't afford to have this happen.

Placing your email account in the hands of Websites by Jane you can have the confidence that your account is secure.

5. Privacy

With a business email account your information is not held on a large server such as Google or Hotmail, its held in a private business environment with better privacy protection.

Remember, a cheap website doesn't mean a cheap web design service!

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